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If you know you need a right-person-right-seat, experienced Integrator but can’t yet afford someone of that caliber, our Fractional Integrators help you fill in the gap. We get your business where you need it faster.

Our Fractional Integrators use Wolf’s Edge's proven process to get you three things:

Executive Experience
We've run and grown organizations like yours before. We are in your corner as a thought-partner and a strategic leader.
Brain Trust
You get all our collective years of experience because we meet weekly to solve the stickier client issues and support each other.
Sustainable Growth
We help you get out of the day-to-day and focus on what you do best. We pass the baton to a long-term Integrator.

Here’s our proven process for helping you get the business where you need it to be:

First Week
First Quarter
Rinse & Repeat
Pass the Baton
First Week
  • Learning day with leadership team members
  • Learning day with Visionary
  • Schedule weekly Level 10 Meeting, Same Page Meeting and leadership team check-ins
First Quarter
  • Weekly leadership team check-ins
  • Drive Rock execution
  • Evaluate/ drive core process improvement
  • Refresh EOS® Tools:
    • Accountability Chart
    • Rocks
    • Scorecard
    • Vision/Traction Organizer
Rinse & Repeat
  • Continue driving ongoing execution
  • Signal potential conclusion of engagement when ready for full-time integrator
Pass the Baton
  • Facilitate selection of internal or full-time Integrator
  • Facilitate transition to full-time Integrator
    • Train
    • Mentor
    • Transition
During each of the four steps above, we continually
Drive ongoing execution
  • Create LMA (Leadership, Management, and Accountability) for Leadership Team (obstacle removal, mentoring, resource)
  • Weekly Same Page Meetings with Visionary
  • Lead Weekly Level 10 Meetings
  • Rock(s)
  • Participate in EOS Quarterly sessions
  • Smoke out organizational effectiveness issues and drive resolution

What our clients are saying about us...


Nathan Shea

Founder & CEO of

After one of my business partners moved on around the onset of the COVID-19 shutdowns, I was referred to Wolf’s Edge Integrators by multiple acquaintances. The Fractional Integrator we retained through them came in and right out of the gate, built a rapport with the team, ran our weekly L10 and Same Page meetings, and helped keep the team accountable. Because he was on our team, we were able to keep moving forward and gained tremendous.

Lazar Rubin

Founder and CEO
Next Millennium Media

In just the first quarter we worked with Ben, our revenue increased over 25% and we've removed obstacles we've struggled with for years because of what we've been able to accomplish through the clarity, focus, and accountability he's helped us achieve.​

Sara Connell

Best selling author and founder of
Thought Leader Academy

In the first 3 months of working together, Laura, our Fractional Integrator from Wolf’s Edge, whipped our team into EOS shape! She helped me hire a new team member, improve systems, and helped identify and implement a plan to free up an additional 5 hours a week for me (a dream!). With Laura at the helm of our operations, 2022 is on track for almost 60% more revenue than 2021.

Bill Stratton

Certified EOS Implementer®
Wolf’s Edge Integrators provided one of my local EOS® clients with an interim Fractional Integrator who made a huge positive impact in the six months he was there. He led the weekly leadership team Level 10 meetings and helped the Visionary identify and on-board a full time Integrator. The leadership team and the business gained major traction over the past year and he was a major contributor to their success.

    How Fractional Integrator Services Work

    Each Wolf’s Edge Fractional Integrator allows a Founder/Visionary to focus on what he or she loves doing by offloading responsibility for ensuring that the team stays focused in its execution of the vision and keeps rowing in the right direction, all without:

    Waiting the 1-2 years it can take to find the right full-time Integrator
    A long-term commitment
    The price tag of a full-time Integrator

    Our Fractional Integrators help you create discipline and accountability within your organization so that you, the Visionary, can focus on what you love doing and where you can add the most value, rather than on the day-to-day minutiae.